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The Church


Hello and welcome to the Church of Rave.

jesusofrave is a religious organization dedicated to offering sacramental molecules in the service of bliss and spiritual ecstasy. As such, we exempt ourselves from state taxation but voluntarily offer tithes to contribute to worthy ventures. We disavow any links, formal or informal, to existing organized religions and ideological structures.

Ordering Information

The Church will not be listing sacraments or accepting orders for at least the next few months. We will review our position on this matter in early 2017 but for now jesusofrave is taking a step back in order to maintain our safety and build on our security so we can continue serving the community in the long term.

In the meantime the Church hidden service will remain open as a resource on psychedelic sacraments and as a point of coordination for community initiatives.


Church Protocols:

  • New PGP keys will be posted both on the Majestic Garden and our hidden service
  • Recent news and announcements will only be found on the Church hidden service (though clergy will recirculate throughout the Dark Net).
  • Messages to jesusofrave will only be answered via the the Church messaging system.
  • Answers to general commonplace questions can be found in our FAQ and our Majestic Garden Vendor thread , where community members and Clergypeople can help. Any questions which can't be answered by the community or Clergy will be answered by jesusofrave via PGP signed message if necessary and relayed to the forums by the Clergy.
  • Current Clergy will be listed on the Clergy page of the Church hidden service

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